Sales Account Manager

Centurion, Pretoria
R25K to R30K TCTC + Commission Inclusive of Provident and Medical Aid
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Per Month
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1.             JOB PURPOSE

Responsible for achieving the sales revenue targets and or order intake targets as set by the company from time to time. Identification and acquiring of new customers within the offering of the Company, identification and acquiring new work and or services from existing and new customers as well highlighting work and / or services being outsourced to subcontractors to be brought in within the Company and executed internally. Maintaining excellent relationships with existing, new and potential customer’s thereby growing revenue from the customer base.


2.             DIMENSIONS

2.1          Responsible for Sales in the services / product / customer portfolio within the company.                    



3.1          Achieving the sales revenue and or order intake targets (monthly, quarterly, and annually).
3.2          Manage the SQ’s under Account Manager / CRM responsibility
3.3          Ensure all new sales/revenue projects are completed in the required time frame.
3.4          Submission of customer commercial and technical proposals. (Quotations, RFQ’s, RFI’s and tenders).
3.5          Attend to, manage and resolve internal and external customer complaints and queries.
3.6          Quick resolution of internal and external customer queries.
3.7          Co-ordinate with internal expertise and establish pricing of new products and or services
3.8          Submission of sales activity reports.
3.9          Attaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
3.10        Research, identify, approach and present The company’s service offering to potential new customers
3.11        Profile all customers with information that enables successful marketing The company’s services to them i.t.o. but not limited to install base, network layout and related brand and technology, company structure and procurement processes, decision makers related profiles, existing & upcoming projects, budgets on opex & capex and company strategy
3.12        Conclude and sign up new customer contracts
3.13        Take complete and full ownership of customers
3.14        Fulfil personal role as a team player within the sales team and broader The company team
3.15        Ensure all KPI’s are met as defined in the performance appraisals
3.16        Market The company’s comprehensive service offering to identified industries
3.17        Research competitor pricing and general market pricing and develop a methodology for price determination for customers

  1.           KEY CHALLENGES


4.1          To ensure sales revenue target and or order intake target is met.
4.2          To ensure SQ factor target is achieved.
4.3          To ensure together with The company Operations (Repairs & Professional Services) that all customer deliverables are met. (Terms & obligations in SLA’s or agreements, KPI’s and SPM)
4.4          To ensure that together with The company Sales Administration that helpdesk and order amendments are cleared timeously.
4.5          To ensure that together with The company RDD and Project Managers that customer projects are completed in the required time frames.
4.6          To ensure price and product lists are regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.
4.7          To ensure customers are visited according to the sales call plan with a view to increasing organic growth in sales from existing customers.
4.8          To attend all customer meetings and maintain high levels of professional communication at all times.
4.9          To ensure contact with OEM’s and Operators with a view to securing outsourced services for The company.
4.10        To remain abreast with the latest technical requirements and customer trends.
4.11        Secure and manage contracts with new customers and existing customers
4.12        Keep individual customer price lists update at all time

5.             JOB CONTENT

5.1          Order intake and Customers.

5.1.1       Ensure that order intake targets are achieved.
5.1.2       Ensure product / service mix targets for order intake are achieved.
5.1.3       Regularly review product / service portfolio with customer and obtain demand forecasts.
5.1.4       Provide management with budget information and assist in compiling sales budget.
5.1.5       Develop and maintain customer contact register with customer information.
5.1.6       Regularly review customer technical requirements, scope of works
5.1.7       Complete customer quotations and Tender responses timeously and in a professional manner.
5.1.8       Attend to all customer correspondence timeously and in a professional manner.
5.1.9       Regularly attend OEM meetings and resolve issues as well as prospect for new work.
5.1.10    Provide regular feedback to customers on the status of their equipment at The company and / or on their specific projects as well as any other feedback requested by them timeously.
5.1.11    Develop, and execute an external customer satisfaction survey annually and present the findings to top management.


5.2          Administration

5.2.1       Manage item master changes with respect to Pricing, item descriptions & TAT.
5.2.2       Obtain changes to SLA from the customer (SLA amendments).
5.2.3       Manage SQ under CRM responsibility and achieve Factor target.
5.2.4       Assist Sales Administration with order amendments and order queries.
5.2.5       Clear CRM helpdesk queries within 48 hours.
5.2.6       Review, edit and negotiate customer contracts  

5.3          Projects

5.3.1       Monitor top 20 reports.
5.3.2       Identify new projects for conversion for internal repair.
5.3.3       Engage RDD by registering new projects.
5.3.4       Monitor and contribute to closing projects within the specified deadline.
5.3.5       Notify customer at all times of project progress.
5.6.6       Conduct induction meetings with relevant stakeholders on new and existing projects where a they are briefed on contract deliverables, scope and milestones

5.4          Operations

5.4.1       Regularly attend meetings with Operations to obtain information on production necessary to give customer feedback.
5.4.2       Assist Operations in resolving IP issues together with RDD and the OEM.
5.4.3       Monitor customer equipment on the order book and request feedback from Operations, escalate overdue items to Operations Management and drive to have them cleared.
5.4.4       Manage once off jobbing pricings with RDD / Operations and drive to have a final quote submitted to the customer timeously.

5.5          Manage Customer interactions and information.
5.6          Attend CRM – Sales Meetings.
5.7          Attend Green area meetings with manager every week day to review tasks and monitor progress.
5.8          Produce CRM month end reports.
5.9          Submit S&T claims timeously.
5.10        Provide Customer Open order feedback
5.11        Perform data warehouse queries.
5.12        Assist Finance with outstanding payments, invoice and credit note queries.
5.13        Assist with training of new staff when required.
5.14        Assist with arranging team functions such as team building etc.

6.         GENERAL

All other requirements and additional work (legal and within the greater context of the Position), which may
be requested by the Company Management from time to time.



7.1          Grade 12
7.2          T3/S3, BCom, IMM or similar sales/technical or marketing qualifications.
7.3          5 years experience in a sales position.
7.4          Computer literacy. MS Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
7.5          Good Excel knowledge.
7.6          Ability to understand budgets and pricing.
7.7          Previous knowledge of ERP systems. Preferred BaaN knowledge.
7.8          Negotiation skills.
7.9          Business understanding.
7.10        Strong customer focus skills.
7.11        Above average communication skills

7.12        Technical and / or general knowledge of the telecoms industry is preferred

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