How to compile a great CV

Your CV is one of your greatest selling points when applying for a new job. It immediately creates an impression in the employers mind about you - A valuable first impression . Your CV could mean the difference of you getting an interview or not. Here are a few tips to create an awesome, truthful and dynamic CV:

Check that you have covered the following in your CV:

  • Fill all the gaps- Make sure you can account for all the years since you left school.
  • Your Personal and Contact Details as well as Email Address
  • List of Qualifications
  • List of experience
  • Field of interest
  • Field of experience
  • Names of all past employers
  • Employment Dates: Date started - Date ended
  • Position/Job Title
  • Detailed Duties - what you do/ did on a daily basis
  • Reasons For Leaving past jobs
  • References that can be contacted
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