Plan your career

Finding the right job can definitely be a daunting task, more especially if you haven't planned your career. Before searching for jobs, you should:

Analyse your current situation

Re-look at your life. What are your experience, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this is the first key that will help you to develop an Action Plan in terms of your career.

Research careers

Once you have analysed your current situation, you would have an idea of what field of jobs most interests you. Once you have established this, start doing some research about various jobs within this career field. Research things like: duties, hours, income, entry requirements, skills and educational requirements as well as ideal qualities expected from people doing this job.

Approach relevant companies and/or agencies

Finding the right job as quick as possible might require some assistance. Make use of recruitment agencies and job portals to speed the process of finding the ideal job.

Plan your way forward

Always be on the ball. Keep on searching and researching for new ways to improve yourself and make yourself more employable.

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